The Apple of My Eye #SOL17


The Apple of my Eye
I used to be…
the apple of your eye
many years ago…
Those innocent days
of Crystal and Coal
two stuffed bears
held close to your heart…
Before – 
baseball, drums, and Harry Potter

And now…
an apple a day
wouldn’t keep me away…
These fragile days…
of silence and fear
two great crosses
held close to my heart…
After – 
baseball, drums, and Harry Potter


My son is currently healing from a medical issue, which I mentioned in a previous post. Since his birthday is this Sunday, I can’t help but look back and reflect. Like all mothers, I saved his little gifts; the ones above are my favorites. I struggled, deciding on whether or not I should post this poem… it felt like one of those personal pieces to hand write and tuck away. But authentic writing calls for vulnerability – this was on my heart, so I surrendered to it.

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for providing this opportunity to write within such a supportive community.








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