My Season Playlist Poems #SOL17

I borrowed an idea from two fellow slicers, Alice Nine and Kim K, to use my slice of life story titles as a poem. I decided to group my slices into categories and reflect and respond to them. The words in italics are not part of the title, but I wanted to use them to connect the ideas.

Believe Stone

Hidden Gifts
On a wing and a prayer,

The eyes of my heart
Sacred seeds –

Majestic warriors
The gift of grace

Moon shadow

The Apple of My Eye

Hidden Gifts was the first poem I wrote in this challenge. It was a reflection on how I have lived through the lenses of my three One Little Words. That reflection opened me up to share a bit more about my faith, which led to my spiritual expression of poetry. Since my son’s illness literally brought me to my knees, it’s interesting that I ended my month with a poem about him. None of this would have been created without the daily lifeline of this community.


Powerful Women
The sounds of silence

In my daughter’s eyes…
A heartfelt tradition
A grand aunt

Powerful Women was a reflection on women in history who forged a path for the rest of us. My mother was my first role model, so it was only fitting I honor her for recognizing my writing ability. My daughter is so much like my mother; I wished my mother would have lived longer to see her grow and mature into womanhood. My grandmother, our family’s matriarch, was the inspiration in a heartfelt tradition. Talk about a powerful woman! And finally, my niece, my “mini-me,” has always been special. She was crying when she read the post about us. Now with a new baby on the way, I am certain she (hoping!) will carry on to forge a path for herself.


A Week in the Woods
Cabins and cottages

A doorway of hope –
Winter solace

My love of nature and its healing power was the inspiration in the pieces above. I have done my best writing outside. It’s the one place I am free to explore, to seek, to meditate, to reflect, to learn, or just to be. I am so grateful to be attending Summer Camp at the Barn through the generosity of the Highlights Foundation. It will be the ultimate crossroads for nature and writing.


The Neighborhood Watch
Kitten crime, Dog tales, and Monkeying around

At the Drive-in…
The circus stampede

These stories harkened back to my childhood memories… those crazy moments my family shares over and over. I am so happy that I finally put them in writing. My family photo journalism project now has a great start.


Nun of This and Nun of That
Kindergarten charades –
The cookie caper
unable to
Curb your laughter
Dimmed lights of Broadway

Finally, this section refer to the friendship and school-related stories in my life. My Catholic school education had a profound effect on me. I have come to the conclusion, that a person either conforms to the rules or rebels against them. I am so glad I fall into the latter. It makes life more bearable when you have a warped sense of humor. 🙂

Tomorrow’s post will be about how I have changed as a writer through this challenge. Suddenly one slice a week doesn’t seem so daunting. Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for this incredible opportunity to share and take risks within such a supportive community.


7 thoughts on “My Season Playlist Poems #SOL17

  1. This is wonderful, Laurie! I love the way you grouped the titles into categories and your reflections about each. I agree that this month has been “an incredible opportunity to share and take risks.” I’m so glad we’ve been on this journey together!

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  2. Laurie, I love how you created this poem from your slices for the month. I don’t think I’ve stopped by your blog before, but I must comment on the picture at the top of your blog. I love it and am wondering where you found it. It’s been an incredible month with never enough time to meet all the bloggers I’d like to. Glad I met you on this next to last day.

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