As a teacher and a K-5 literacy coach, I am lucky to be immersed in resources for reading and writing on a daily basis.  Whether those resources are used to support instructional practices, mentor the writers I work with, or enhance reading experiences, each text has a purpose waiting to be discovered by the reader.  That’s the art of reading!  The other side of that venture is the writing craft, an opportunity to examine the beauty of language and form.  As I am anxious and excited to join the blogosphere, I created this site to strengthen my writing “muscles,” and share my reflections and perspectives on books and literacy instruction.  I invite you to “talk back” by sharing your feedback, insights or questions.

Laurie Pandorf – K-5 Balanced Literacy Coordinator/Randolph Township, NJ

Email – pandorf7@comcast.net

Twitter – @LitCoach21

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