Cabins & Cottages #SOL17

Today, I was uninspired until I found inspiration in some of my notebook entries from our summers in Maine. Between those words, a “word” exercise from poet and writer, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, and a poem from Tony Hoagland aptly titled, “The Word” showed up to get me started. I muse about my two favorite places.

“The way you craft your writing is the way you craft your life.” (Amy Ludwig Vanderwater)

Two words that emerged today are of my two favorite places – a cabin in the woods and a cottage by the sea. I decided to meander down the path of both to see where it would lead me.

Beaches and mountains – both are familiar, favorite places. I still wonder where I would be happier – planted on the beach or nestled in a cabin.

When I think of a cabin of course I think of Maine – and our beloved summer vacations. I did my most reflective writing there, carving out time and space to observe and reflect on nature. Honest, deep, life-changing thinking… It has inspired my writing to realize the simplicity of life, or rather that I should live more simply – stripping away the extra – to embrace what’s hiding… always fear at the core. A cabin is secluded, quiet and feels more natural than any other place – rooted and peaceful.


Beaches are endless… sun-filled and book-filled. The sounds are both calming and distracting.  It’s not as insulated as the woods… voices carry and dance on the wind as the water either laps or crashes on the shore. Sun and clouds tango between warmth and reprieve – one moment optimistic, the next unsure. Maybe for me, the difference lies in expression. When I want to read and discover, I head to the beach, and when I want to write to uncover, I head to the woods.

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers for this opportunity to explore and share my writing in this wonderful community.




9 thoughts on “Cabins & Cottages #SOL17

  1. I like how you thought about this. I am a mid western gal so for me the beach is a lake front often hidden in the woods and hills of northern Minnesota. I like the idea of the beach for exploration and the cabin as the internal space for writing. I want to do more thinking about this and how I see my writing and thinking spaces. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

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  2. You’ve nailed both my favorites: the mountains or the see. Love your words: “voices carry and dance on the wind as the water either laps or crashes on the shore.”

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  3. Laurie, I just saw that you are the SOL17 winner of a Highlights Pocono workshop! Congratulations!!! And how perfect that you love writing in the mountains.

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    • Thank you!! I am thrilled… it’s truly a gift, and I am so grateful. I have been battling foot problems since September 2013. My first surgery was in Dec, 2014 and I just had a fourth surgery in February. Each time I’ve had to reflect and pray on why God has allowed this in my life, but you know as well as I there is always a reason and it’s always for good. The is the first summer I will be out of a boot, and off crutches, so I know I need to make the most of this extraordinary gift.

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