Hidden Gifts #SOL17

In this slice, I reflect on the last three years of living through the lens of One Little Word. I wrote a poem, which is not part of my writing routine, but in this month long challenge, I am trying to stretch myself.

Hidden Gifts

Believe, the word that led the way
     held my hand intent to stay.
Formed my action, word and thought
     overviewed the things I taught.

Journey, the word next in line
     traveled with me to refine,
Expression, practices and my faith
     stronger, solid – losing wraith.

Persevere, my latest word
     struggles daily to be heard.
Knowledge, purpose, spiritual pursuit
     hidden gifts now taking root.

Believe StoneIn December, 2014, I decided to join the writing community in the practice of living and reflecting on One Little Word. Like many have shared, my word found me by popping up on my phone while I was composing a text message. I am uncertain how it happened, but @believe appeared bold face, so I embraced it. During 2015, I spent a great deal of time reflecting on my personal, professional and spiritual beliefs. I started by studying the list of thirteen beliefs from the text, The Teacher You Want to Be, based on a group of literacy leaders observations at the famous Reggio Emilia schools in Italy. In the field of literacy there are many diverse philosophies, so it was important for me to explore, identify and embrace my beliefs.

HeartJourneyThe following year, I reflected on the word journey. Once my beliefs were more focused and solidified, it was time to put them into practice. From a spiritual perspective, I decided to return to my Catholic roots and study its core. After joining a prayer group and studying scripture more closely, my journey took me on the path to Cornerstone, a week-end retreat in the fellowship of women to share our faith stories. Although this is a journey of a lifetime, I am grateful to continue it daily and share in its many blessings.

PersevereVerbThis year I selected the word persevere, which seemed like a logical transition. Once I identified my beliefs, and put them into action, I felt a responsibility to maintain those practices, despite the obstacles. On a personal level, I have struggled with health issues with my feet. Due to an injury I sustained from tripping over my black lab, Lucy, I’ve had three surgeries on my left foot to fuse the joint and reconstruct the arch. My right foot stood in bravely, over the last three years, withstanding the brunt of walking, causing a foot ulcer to develop. This required a fourth surgery, which is currently healing. Instead of spending time binge viewing popular series, this time I viewed my rest as an opportunity to read more and to develop a writing routine. Thank you  Two Writing Teachers for this incredible gift. My confidence is growing with every piece I draft. Now let’s hope I can persevere and finish the challenge!



6 thoughts on “Hidden Gifts #SOL17

  1. Beautiful words of inspiration. I like your words, “Believe … overviewed the things I taught.” So true, what we I believe does influence what and how I teach.

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