The Gift of Grace #SOL17


The Gift of Grace

9   There are seasons we find ourselves bearing unbelievable circumstances,
0   invisible pain,
8   which lingers far too long, day and night.

6   Until we are rescued by prayer
2   from angel warriors. 

3   Grace enters quietly,
7   and equips us with strength and courage,
6   to mend brokenness – real or perceived.

8   I stand in awe of this amazing gift
3  to heal wounds.

Thanks to the Two Writing Teachers and this SOL writing community for offering this opportunity. I found this idea from a fellow blogger, Rose Cappelli, and decided to give it a try. It’s just what I needed for today’s post.  NewSlicerGraphic

21 thoughts on “The Gift of Grace #SOL17

  1. Wow. This is a powerful post. “Grace enters quietly.” It does, doesn’t it? Have you ever read any of Anne Lamott’s books? I believe in bibliotherapy and I’ve read some of her books at just the right moment. You could call it–well, grace! For you I recommend her book, “Grace, Eventually.”

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  2. Gentle reflective words, that possess power are a treasure. Laurie, I thoroughly enjoyed your poem and the structure was appealing to a poet like myself who enjoys structural elements when writing. It provides a neat scaffolding.

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