Moon Shadow #SOL17

I found an old notebook from one of my summers at Teachers College. In it were notes from a keynote given in 2008 by Katherine Bomer – “Writing is a journey of discovery, to find what we didn’t know.” I wrote this poem today after an evening of anxiety followed by a morning of hope, uncovered through my daily writing. 

Moon Shadow
Light beams cast shadows of the moon.
An unearthly sight – soulful might,
early dusk on winter’s night.

Morning sun dawns a different hue.
Bold and bright – reverent and white,
daylight follows winter’s night.

TreesMoonShadowWhile I have been healing from foot wounds and maneuvering from a wheelchair, I am living and sleeping downstairs. At night, I have a full view of the yard and can observe its ever changing shadows. With the full moon currently waning, the views are spectacular, while the winds often unhinge the peace. Having received a bit of bad news yesterday, I fell asleep with a touch of anxiety. As always happens though, day follows night, and with it a renewed spirit, discovered during my morning writing.

I keep several notebooks. One to observe and capture life, one filled with notes and ideas for an upcoming talk, and one as a prayer journal. Right now, I am studying Luke’s gospel,ChildOfGod one chapter at a time. It’s one of my favorites as it chronicles Jesus’s birth and boyhood, as well as his compassion for outcasts, and his love for women and children. All topics near and dear to my heart. I  need that reassurance right now as my husband and I navigate the health issues of our son. A friend once shared her father’s wisdom, “As a parent, you are only as happy as your unhappiest child.” Nothing can be farther from the truth. Although Brian is healing physically, the rest of his being needs to heal as well. Today, I am focusing on the verse from Luke 4:10-11 “…He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you, and with their hands they will support you…” Having the faith to believe my son is being cared for, beyond his parents and family, brings me peace. Even moon shadows can be dispelled with the light of the word.


6 thoughts on “Moon Shadow #SOL17

  1. So true – your thoughts for your children always weight you down. It is good to know there is a community of people who support them as well as you as parents. My thoughts are with you – sending healing energy!


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